Friday, 13 December 2013

Pen drive showing empty even memory consumed

Are you facing the problem of pendrive not showing any data, although in the properties the space is occupied..??
Is your Pendrive showing null..??
Is your data lost from your pen drive or not showing..??
Here is the simple option..
This happens due to some of the types of the viruses and malwares that enters in your pendrive..
After scanning it will remove all the iruses, but your data will not even showed..
To recover your data do the following things..
  1.  Open the “Folder Options”My Computer -> Tools -> Folder options

2.     You will see 3 menus
3.     Select the “View” Option
4.      In the view menu,        
         Firstly Click on the “Show Hidden Files and Folders”
Next uncheck the option “Hide Protected                               Operating System Files”

5.      You will be prompt with a dialog box, click on yes.
6.      Now click on the apply and close it..
7.      Now open your pendrive,
         You will see the icon just like your drive looks, but it will not have any name..

8.       Double Click on it, and you will see the new window opening, containing your all data.
          Cut all the data and take the backup of it at any suitable place and then scan the pendrive and remove                      all unwanted folder.
9.        Again open the folder option -> View select don’t show hidden files and folders also again check the                      box of Hide Protected Operating System Files
10.      You are done, you will get all the data that is being hide by the virus in the system folders.