Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to use Keyboard as a Mouse

If you mouse stops working and you are doing some important work and not handy of using keyboard short-cuts, then you can use your keyborad as your mouse.
Its easy and you can complete your work with great comfort..

All you need to do is :
  • Press Alt+Shift+Num lock key combination to start the mouse using keyboard.
  • Now you can see that keep pressing the numeric keys of Num pad will change the cursor in respective direction.. ie
    1 -> South-West direction
    2 -> South (Down)
    3 -> South-East direction
    4 -> West (Left)
    6 -> East (Right)
    7 -> North-West direction
    8 -> North (up)
    9 -> North-East direction
    0 -> It will work as left click
You can use easily like this way your keyboard as a mouse..
  • If you are using laptop without numpad..!!
    Follow the Link for seeing the method of using numpad in such laptops.
  • If you want to change the speed of the cursor using keyboard mouse, then follow the following steps:
  1. Open Control panel.
  2. Open Ease of Action Center
  3. Click on the "Make the keyboard easier to use"
  4. Click on the "Set up Mouse Keys"
  5. You will see various option, you can customize according to need.
  6. In Pointer Speed, make it high in both the option to make the Cursor fast..
  • Once your work completed, again press Alt+Shift+Num lock Key, to disable the keyboard mouse..

Alternatively, you can also use Third Party Program Called NeatMouse. Click Here and click on Download.
This software is portable and main advantage to use it is that it gives better control because of additional options it gives.

Probably we will use Keyboard as Mouse temporarily and not for long, so i dont prefer using third party application.

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