Saturday, 15 March 2014

Recover Deleted Files from Laptop/Pendrive/SD Card..

Many times it happens that we accidentally delete the important files. If we just press delete then we can recover it from recycle bin, but what if we Shift-Deleted..??

Don’t worry, you still have full chances to recover your files. Here I am going to make use of some software that will help in recovering those files from your Hard Drive or any other storage.

A big Question is what happens we delete the file..??
Actually there is nothing like delete in the computer. Computer never take the data and thrash it..!!
When you delete it, computer just remove the path to that data, and make that path and memory available to new data that you save later on. So unless you had save anything on that same disk you can recover for your file definitely. If you have added new data than too don’t worry, you have great chance to recover if the memory of your deleted data is not allocated.

Here works some Softwares, that look your whole memory and search for all the deleted files that can be recover..

Here’s a list of all such softwares..
  • Pandora Recovery 
  • Tokiwa DataRecovery
  • Recuva
  • Eassos Recovery
All of these recovery softwares are supported in all hard disks, memory sticks, digital camera cards, etc.

NOTE: If you just deleted some file mistakenly than don’t add any other data on that drive to have 100% chances of recovering the file.

I personally prefer and use Pandora Recovery. You can download it HERE.

Here's the full method of Using Pandora Recovery.\

·         After Downloading and Installation is done, Open the software and you will see a screen like this.
·         Initially the right pane will be empty, now in the left pane, select the drive in which you deleted the file mistakenly.
·         For a while it will check the drive and will show the folders as shown in above image.
·         Note that it will show the folders who are deleted, or any item from that folder are deleted and whose trace is still on your disk.
·         The folders or files with red cross on it are deleted ones, and others are the folders in which atleast one item is deleted.
·         Now go through the folder from which you deleted the file and find it.
·         Now right click on the file or the folder and click on Recover to, and choose the place where you want to save.

NOTE: If possible don’t try to recover on the same disk/drive from which you are recovering.

AND.. You are done. Your file is now recover and you can use it perfectly..

Feel Free to ask in case of any Probem..

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  2. Pen drive recovery software recovers all your deleted or lost files from pen drive when files has been deleted by accident or pressed format by mistake.