Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to format Write-Protected or corrupted Pendrive..??

There are various method to recover the Write-Protected or Corrupted pendrive. The method here will work for both write protected and corrupted one.

NOTE: If the Pendrive is Write-Protected, still you can copy the data from Pendrive to your Computer, So backup all data by copying. You can recover the data of Corrupted Pendrive using data recovery software. Read how to do it HERE.

Steps to Format:
  1.  Open the command prompt with Administrative privileges.Write cmd in the search menu, and right click on it and select “Run As Administrative”)Alternatively Start menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt (Right click)-> Run As Administrator)
  2. When Command Prompt opens, Type DISKPART.
  3. Then List all the disk drives by typing LIST DISK.
  4. Select your pendrive by checking the Memory of all available disk.
    (If you are not able to find your disk, then take out all the other pendrives, if attached, then the disk with less memory would be your pendrive; mainly 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 GB)
    Once you are sure of your disk, type SELECT DISK #
    (Where # is your disk number, ie if disk number is 1, then, SELECT DISK 1)
  5. Check the details of your pendrive by typing DETAIL DISK.
    You will see various details about your pendrive like company name, ID, etc.
    Search for the option “READ ONLY: Yes/No”
    If the READ ONLY : Yes is written, then the pendrive is not physically Write-protected
    If the READ ONLY : No is written, then the pendrive is physically Write-protected.
  6. Now if the option is NO, ie your disk is physically Write-Protected, then your device must contain, a key to on-off the Write-Protection. Search on your device.
    If there is no such key, then your disk may be damaged.
  7. If your Read Only: Yes, Then follow the following steps to repair it.
  8. Now type the following command to clear the Write-Protected

    ·          For those who have problem of only Write-Protected can Check their Pendrive if Working properly, so "safely remove Disk" and Re-insert. If problem arises then only follow the steps ahead.
    ·         For those who have corrupted Pendrive, need to follow the steps ahead.
  9. Once you gets conformation of the above step Type the command CLEAN.
  10. Enter the command CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY.
    (You can also use NTFS instead of FAT32, But for disks with smaller capacity, it is recommended to use FAT32. If you want to make bootable pendrive, you need to format with NTFS)
  12. Now wait for the Format to over. (It will take few minutes)

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