Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hiding Files behind an Image..!!

How to hide files in a image..??
You will be amazed and surprised that how can files be hidden behind a image, but that’s true. For the purpose of secrecy and privacy, there are the ways by which you can actually hide as many files and folders of any size

You will need to have either WinZip or WinRAR installed on your computer. You can download either of these two off the Internet and use them.
Create a folder on your hard drive, (If you don’t know how to go to specific folder in CMD, then make the folder in the D drive itself, I will help) and put in all of the files that you want to hide into that folder. Also, place the image that you will be using to hide the files in.

Now select all of the files that you want to hide, right-click on them, and choose the option to add them to a compressed ZIP or RAR file. Only select the files you want to hide, not the picture. Name it whatever you want, i.e. “”.

Now you should have a folder that looks something like this with files, a image, and a compressed archive:

Now here’s the fun part! Click on Start, and then click on Run. Type in “CMD” without the quotes and press Enter. You should now see the command prompt window open. Type in “D:” without quotes and press enter. Then type CD and the directory name that you created, i.e. “CD XYZ“. 

Now type in the following line: “copy /b abc.png + abc.png” and press Enter. Do not use the quotes.

Just make sure that you check the file extension on the compressed file, whether it is .ZIP or .RAR and the extension of image, whether it is png or jpg or any other as you have to type out the entire file name with extension in the command

And that’s it! The picture file will have been updated with the compressed archive inside! You can actually check the file size of the picture and see that it has increased by the same amount as the size of the archive.

You can access your hidden file in two ways. Firstly, simply change the extension to .RAR or .ZIP and open the file using WinRAR or WinZIP. Secondly, you can just right-click on the image and choose Open With and then scroll down to WinRAR/WinZIP. Either way, you’ll see your hidden files show up that you can then extract out.

That’s it! That is all it takes to hide files inside picture files! It’s a great way simply because not many people know it’s possible and no one even thinks about a picture as having to the ability to “hide” files.

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