Saturday, 1 February 2014

How to hide the whole Drive Partition of your computer.?

You can make your private drive in your laptop/computer.
You can hide the whole of the drive and can retrieve later when you want.

Here's a simple way of hiding the drive.....
  • Right click on the MY COMPUTER and click on the option called MANAGE
    (It will require the Administrator right)
  • Now You will see the following window of Computer Management.
  • Click on the Disk Management and you will see the list of all of your drives.
  • Now select the drive which you want to hide and right click on it as shown in the image.
  • Select the option of "Change Drive letter and path".
  • Now you will see the popup. In that popup click on the "Remove" and give "yes" if the ask for permission
  • And you are done..!! Open My Computer and you will notice that there is no option to access or see your drive.. In fact noone can even imagine that you have the hidden drive.

  • Now to access your drive again, simply goto the Computer Management --> Disk Management and again right click on the Drive that you hidden.
  • Again select the option of  "Change Drive letter and path" and you will see the popup menu.
  • Click on the Add Button and and you will be asked to select the name of your dive.
  • Give the Drive Letter and you are done. You can see your Drive Partition now.
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