Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Secure your Microsoft Office files with a password

Do you know..??
You can make the your file secure which is made with the help of Microsoft Office.
The documents like, MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, etc can be made password protected
and thus it can be saved from the leaking to someone. This can save your file from damaging intentionally or intentionally.

NOTE: You need to use MS OFFICE 2007 or greater for this..

Open the file that you want to protect, you can see the first option of FILE in the menu bar, click on file and you can see the following window..

Click on the Info button as circled in the above picture. in this window, you can see the menu of Protect Document.
Click on it and you can see the various options for protecting your document.
Click on the "Encrypt With Password" and you will be asked to enter the password of your choice.
enter the password and save the document and close it.
Now whenever you will try to open this document, you will have to give the password.

The main advantage of using this option is that it Encrypts with password only those documents that we hide and it is not applied to all.
also you can give different password to different documents..
Now feel free to share your computer with anyone after securing your data..

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