Sunday, 19 January 2014

how to create an Invisible folder..??

Everyone has their own privacy and none of us wish to share anything about us...Today in this world we are keeping all our data on our computer  but sometimes this are accessed by people whom we don't want to share with!!!
 So a question arises, how to keep our personal data secure????????

A simple computer trick and your personal data is all yours.....

So how to make it????

  1. First of all you need to go to your desired location where you want  to make your folder or you can make it anywhere and move to your desired location.

    2.   Create a usual folder.
    3.   Now rename the folder that you have already created.
    4.   Remove the name of the folder and Press ALT+255 of the NUMPAD to give it a name of blank           space. 

     NOTE: If your laptop doesnt contain the NUMPAD, the follow the link about how to use NUMPAD in      such laptop.....
     5.   Now right click on the folder and click on the properties.
     6.   Click on customize and  then click on change icon.

     7.     Move right and you will see four blank space.
     8.     Select any one out of those four blank icon and click ok.
     9.     If any black spot remains try for another blank icon of 4 in change icon and customize.

      And here we are with an invisible folder .You cant even see it toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Just press  CTRL+A and you will be able to see it selected.....Enjoy with your new invisible folder with         all your private stuffs in it!!!!!

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