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There is an often problem of privacy in your desktops and laptops.
Many times people keeps snooping in your folders and personal file.
Here's a simple trick to stop those peoples from snooping through your functional stuff..

follow these simple steps to make a folder inaccessible

Step 1: Press the Windows button and search for cmd  (ie. Command Prompt)
Right Click on the cmd option and select the option as "Run As Administrator"

Step 2: Now go to the directory in which you want to hide the folder..
for eg, initially when the cmd opens the default path will be "<C:\WINDOWS\system32>"
-   If your folder to be hide is in local disc 'd' or 'e', Write "d:" (without inverted commas) and press enter
-  now you will see that your path is changed to D:\>
-   If your folder is inside in some some folder, then after going to respective drive follow the full path.
    for eg, if you want to make "xyz" folder private which is in d drive-> abc->pqr->asd->xyz
    then after going in d drive write the command as "cd abc\pqr\asd" and press enter.
 -    Now you are in asd folder in which xyz folder is there.

Step 3: Now you are ready to make your folder inaccessible
  Type the command as "cacls folder_name /e /p everyone:n"
  Write the name of the folder that you want to hide, (here, xyz)

step 4: The folder is now inaccessible..
 you can see that when you try to open the folder, it will deny your access, even after applying                       administrator you will not be able to open the folder.
 Plus you can see that you cant delete the folder and even you cant rename your folder.
One more thing that when you see the properties, you will be amazed that it shows the folder is of 0               bytes ie. empty and amount of files folders in it will also be shown zero.
 So the public will thought it of as a virus and will not ask you about it..

Now steps to make the folder again accessible

Step 5: Again start the cmd with the administrator right, go the directrory where your folder is there and type  the following command
"cacls folder_name /e /p everyone:f"   (Winthout inverted commas)
 If the message shows "processed dir.....", then your folder is now accessible
 If the message shows "Access Denied", then you need to perform one more step.

Only if the error shows ACCESS DENIED

Step 6: This happens sometimes when you make the folder inaccessble which is not created in your laptop     and copied from someone, in this you need to first take the administrator rights and so type the                     command as TAKEOWN /f  "full_path"   (WITH Inverted commas)
 For eg here in this case it will be   TAKEOWN /f  "D:\abc\pqr\asd\xyz"

Then follow the Step 5 and your folder is now accessible.

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