Thursday, 12 June 2014

How to Create your own Short-Cut keys

The Windows operating system is full with hidden shortcuts & simple tricks. Most users are still not aware of what all Windows can offer them.

Do you know that you can create your Own Short-Cut keys for the applications that you need to use frequently?

Here’s a way to make your own Keyboard Short-Cuts.

Note: This User-defined Short-cuts can only be given to the Short-Cut icons located on the Desktop.

Steps to create your own Short-Cut keys:

  • Firstly check that if the Short-cut icon of the application or folder exists on desktop or not.
  • If not, right click on the application or folder and select Send To -> Desktop (Create Shortcut).

  • Now right click on the Short-Cut Icon that you have (or just made) on the Desktop and Select Properties.
  • In the properties Window, go to Short-cut menu as shown in the pic.

  • In that you will have many option, one of which will be Shortcut Key, which has the initial value as NONE.
  • Click on the box in which NONE is written and press any of the alphabet that you want to keep as a shortcut.
  • You will see that it will automatically assign ctrl + alt + “Your selected letter.
  • Now Click on apply and then close the Properties tab.
  • Now click the pair of CTRL + ALT + “Selected letter to start the application.

Note: You can start the application from anywhere, no need to come on desktop to press the shortcut keys.

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