Monday, 7 July 2014

How to use Your Smartphone as Webcam

By using your Android Smartphone as Web camera, its very useful when you need a web cam urgently and your web cam don't Work Properly.

For this you will be need an App for mobile as well as for Computer and USB Cable to connect to your computer

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Steps to use Android Smartphones as WebCam

Step 1: Download and Install DroidCam app on your Android Smartphone.

Step 2: Download DroidCam Windows Client and install it on your PC.
All the Drivers needed will be downloaded automatically, so no need to worry.

Step 3: Once you have Downloaded and installed DroidCam on your Smartphone and PC, its time to connect your Smartphone to PC using USB Cable, Make sure to enable USB Debugging on your Smartphone.

Step 4: Once your smartphone is connected to your PC, Its Time to open DroidCam app on your Smartphone and the Windows Client on your PC. Click on USB icon and then Click "START"

Step 5: Thats it, now you can use your Smartphone as a WebCam Enjoy!!

These above steps should work well but if you find it difficult to Perform this trick then Visit this link to know more.

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