Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to use section break in MS Word or to give different page numbers to different parts in same document

Many have the problem of making the section breaks in MS Word or to say in simple words dont know how to give page number from starting to different sections.
for eg we dont want page number in the pages before index; want to give index number in roman letters in index and then starting from numeral index number for rest of the pages.
If we try normally we cant do so, we can give number from starting only and that also of one type only..
Heres the solution for this, we can make parts of a single document using section breaks.

for eg take any word file. i have take a word file in which 2 title pages dont need page numbers, then three index page needs number in Roman and then 5 pages needs numbers in numerals as shown in above figure.
Don’t do the formatting of the page number in the beginning.. let you complete your whole project and check it and lastly do numbering.

Now in home menu see the button circled with black marker, click on it and the symbols on the page (as shown) will come. Now we want page number from 3rd page, so go on the second page  and click after the last symbol on the page. Don’t worry the cursor will be on the left side of the symbol.

Now go to the menu of page layout. And find the option breaks and in that select Next Page as shown in the figure.

You will see that section break is being written there. Now click on the footer part on the 3rd page where the symbol from black marker is done and go to the design menu and unclick the “Link To Previous “ which is default selected.
Now keep the cursor in the footer part of the 3rd page and in the same Design Menu select the page number. And you will see the page number from 3rd page. But still a problem page number is showing 3 instead of 1 and we want it in Roman

So now again click on the page number and select the command “Format Page Numbers” and  you will see the box as shown in the window.

Select the roman letters in “Number format” option and in page numbering select the “start at” the default value  would be 1. And then press ok. And you will get the page number in roman letter starting from 1 on 3rd page.

Now repeat the same process again for making another section. As we want new page number from the 6th page, we will go on the 5th page and put the cursor at the last symbol on the page.  Than on 6th page clicking on footer, unselecting “Link To Previous” and keeping page number and again going in page formatting and selecting “Start at” and staring page from 1.

And then you will get the desired page number.. ie. No page number on first two pages, roman letters on next three starting from q, and numeral page numbers on the rest of the pages starting from 1. Now unselect the button that we selected in the first step from home menu and you are done..


  1. good...better try making videos

  2. ya.. sure, will try making videos for better understanding..