Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Format Changer, audio cutter, audio joiner, video cutter, video joiner and MUX.. all in one..!!

One of the best software.
If you are stuck that a particular image file or a music or a video file is not running on your device, and its very important for you to see it, then don’t worry.. Here’s the simple solution for your problem.

Go to the,  and find for the software named “Format Factory” which is a freeware  or else directly click on the link
Note :- You need to download this software in windows Operating System.

 search for the software Format Factory in the search box, and click on the download in the first link.

now click on the free download and the file will be started downloading.

The softonic file will be downloaded. it will be of the size of about 100-400 kb. then click on it and you will be ask to accept the terms and conditions, accept it and download and install the Format Factory.
Take care while downloading and installing. Read terms and conditions and also uncheck the software and toolbar that comes with it, but you probably wouldn’t like to download that.. because its all crap and use our valuable memory space.

Once the downloading and installing completes, open it.

After opening, the Format Factory looks like the below pic.

First we will see how to change the format of particular file.
 On the left column, you can see various options like “video”, “audio”, “picture”, now click on the
 Ø  Video if you want to change the format of video file,
 Ø  Audio if you want to change the format of audio file,
 Ø  Picture if you want to change the format of picture (Image),
Let we select the video file (for eg)

We select to convert the particular file to mp4. So selecting “All to mp4”, clicking on it, you will see the below window.

Now click on the “Add File” to add the file. You can also see the output folder in the bottom of the below picture. It is the default path, if you want your output folder elsewhere, you can change by clicking on the browse besides it.

After clicking on the Add file you will see the following window.
Select the appropriate folder and the file and then click “Open”.

The selected file will be shown as follows, you can also add more file just now and then start changing the format.

Now if you want to cut the part of the video/audio, then click on the “options” and if you just want to change the format then click on the “Ok”.

Now if you want to cut the video then you will see the following window after clicking on options.
Play the video and the point from which you want to start cutting, click on “Start Time” and the point till which you want to cut, there click on “End Time”. Once start and end time are defined precisely, click on “Ok”. You can see the range from which we want to cut.

Now click “Ok” and the following window comes.
Click on the “Start” button.
You can see the format being change.

You can see the output of the file, ie the file with the changed output can be seen default in the My Documents in the folder named “FFOutput”
Its done..!!

 v  Audio joiner and Video Joiner
Now if you want to join two or more audio/video, Click on the Advanced in the left column of the format factory and choose “Audio Joiner” or “Video Joiner”. And then click on the “Add File” menu and select the file to be joined.

You can also select the format of the file that will be formed after joining.  Once files are added, click on “Ok” and click on “Start”.

 v  MUX
MUX is used to add the audio stream to the video file.
For the same click on the MUX in Advanced option and you will see the following window

Change the format (if needed) in the first part of the window, select the video file on which you want to add the audio stream in the middle part and in the bottom part select the audio stream that you want to add. And click on OK and then click Start to start the action.

Enjoy Format Factory..!!


  1. one the best software i have come across.. Good one..

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  3. Format Factory is the all-time best.

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  5. Amazing software, people love to create the mash-up of different songs and put them all together. With this software they can create their own tunes. This really great that the users get to join and cut both audio and video from a single software. Thank you very much for building and sharing such interesting software.

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