Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to make partition in disk or how to merge two or more drives..??

Are you having the problem of partition of hard disk..??
Do you want to divide your one drive in two or more..??
Or to merge two or more drive..??

Then just have a look to the below article.
Right click on the MY COMPUTER and choose the option “Manage”
You will see the following window..

In that window select the option “Disk Management"

 You can see your various disk partition, you will even see some partition which you don’t now (Eg, System Reserved, etc)

First we will see the partition, then we will come to merger..
Right click on the drive which you want to divide in two or more parts. And select the option “Shrink Volume”
NOTE:-  if you are trying C: drive to shrink then keep in mind that windows allow C: drive to shrink upto the half of the total size of your harddisk. Ie if your harddisk is of 500 GB you can shrink upto 250 GB only. To make the size of C: drive small you need to format the whole computer and then allocate the space to C: drive in the starting of formatting

 A window will open, in the first row, it will show the total size of the drive, you selected, in the second row, it shows the amount of size by which you can divide. In the 3rd row, you need to specify the amount of memory you wanna to make new drive.

Then click on the shrink

The new drive will be formed of that memory.

Still you need to allocate it and give a label to use it.  Now right  click on the new drive that has been formed and select the option “new simple volume”

Click on the “next” and you will see the following window

 Select the size of the new drive to be formed and then click the next,

select the name. after giving the name, click on the next.

In File System select the FAT32, if you want to use the drive as a general drive, and NTFS if you want to install the operating system.  In the allocation unit size, keep default, and in the volume label keep the name that you want to keep to your drive and click on the next.

 Click on the Finish, and you are done with partition of the disk..

 Now lets see how to merge two or more drives

Right click on the disk that you want to delete and join with the other drive. Click on the “delete volume” and give yes in the confirmation.the disk that you deleted will be shown as a free space,

Now right click on it and click on the “delete partition” and click on yes if confirmation is asked. You can see that the space is now shown unallocated.

  Now right click on the drive in which you want to add that space and click on the option “Extend Volume”

 Click on the next
 By default the disk will be added to selected one, if not select the drive and shift it in the right column. The maximum available unallocated space will be shown below it, and you can select the size that how much you want to add space to particular drive. Click on the next

and you are done. The drive will get the unallocated space.

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