Sunday, 10 November 2013

Best Video Player for Android Mobile

Searching for any good video player..??
Want to see movie with subtitle in android phone..??
Here's a simple solution..
Try the Application MX Player..

Open the google  play and search for the app MX Player.. download it and install in your mobile..

Open the application, and depending on your mobile, it will tell you to download the CODEC..
Download it and install it..

Now when you will open this application, you will see that this piece of software has founded all the videos in your phone memory as well as from sd card and it will be shown folder wise in a list..
Now its so easy to browse or to find your videos..

Open any of the folder and start the video to watch it. It supports almost all extensions (Default player supports much less)
When you will start the player and if you have downloaded or taken new video, ie. Unwatched video will be shown by written "new" so if you took some video from someone, you can easily find it.

When you will first start the video, it will start normally, but when you stop the video from between and exits, and then later tries to start the same video again, a popup menu will be seen with two options "Resume" and "Start over"
RESUME: It will start the video from the moment you stopped last time.
START OVER: It will start the video from the beginning..

The video will start, while the video is going if you touch the screen you will see the following menu..

  • Lock button helps you to stop the accidental touch.. Clicl on it, and then accidental touch on screen will not take any action.
  • Previous button starts the previous video..
  • Play\Pause buttom..
  • Next Video..
  • Full Screen
  • HW: If you are facing problem viewing the video, then click on it and select the SW Decoder
  • The button below HW, helps you select the AUDIO TRACK in dual tracks videos

Click on the menu button of you mobile and you can see various other options..

Here in Display option, there are various options like Screen Resolution, Video Zoom, Aspect Ratio, etc..
You can alter according to video and according to your need..

Click on the subtitle and the popup menu will come, select the folder containing the subtitle, and you click on OK.. You can see the subtitle on your screen..

NOTE: If your subtitle is in the same folder as your video and its name is the same as the name of the video, then the subtitle will start by default..

Thats all for MX PLAYER..

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