Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Transferring Files Wireless between mobiles and PCs

Tired carrying the data cable of your mobile at all the places..??
Even need the drivers of the mobiles for many companies..
Here is the simple solution for you, with the help of this small app on your android mobile, you can transfer easily and speedily with any other device. The main advantage of this app is that you don’t need to install any type of software in the other device.
This is the freeware application on the GOOGLE PLAY, so you don’t need to spend any type of money.
NOTE:- The transfer takes place through WIFI, so Laptop or PC need to have WIFI.

Start the GOOGLE PLAY, and search for the application “Software Datacable”

Click on the search and you can see the blue bubble, that’s your app. Click on it.

Download and install the app, you can see the rating of this app.. its 4.6
Now open the application and you will see the default window.

You want to transfer files either between two mobiles (Both should be android) or between your mobile and any PC or Laptop.
The process is different in both, we will first look about connecting your mobile with PC or Laptop.
Click on the “START SERVICE” and you will see the below window. Click on the create network

If it ask about the network SSID and Password, then dismiss it, or else f you click on setup, the hotspot name and password will be changed reandomly by the application, and then if you want to change it, you can change it later by going in the phone settings.
You will see the window containing address (Here in your mobile phone.

Now in your laptop or PC, turn on the WIFI and connect the device with your mobile through WIFI (Your portable hotspot will be started automatically, so you can connect your laptop or PC)
When you will connect, instead of CONNECTED it will show LIMITED, Don’t worry, we don’t have to use internet, it will show LIMITED only.

Now open “My Computer”  and click in the address bar where Computer is written, delete it.

And insert the Address that is being shown in your mobile.( Here and then click enter.

Click on the Mnt or any other option as per your device, choose sd card or phone memory that you want to choose, and you are done. Now as in Windows you perform the CUT/COPY/PASTE option, you can perofrm according to your need.

Now lets see connecting mobile-mobile
NOTE:- It is necessary that both mobile has Software Datacable installed.
Click on the “SYNC PHONE” option you can see the blue icon namely “Connect with Friends”.

After clicking, you will see the following window.
You can see the two options in it. “Create direct push network” and “Join direct push network”
Now one of the person(Only one) will have to click on “Create direct push network” and all the other will select “Join direct push network”. The purpose is that one is making the WIFI connection ie. Making server, and all other are joining it. You can share the files from both devices, so don’t worry
The person who will choose the “Create direct push network” will start Portable hotspot (It will be done automatically) and all other will be connected through WIFI.

Now in the Sync with Phone option you can see the other three options viz. “Received”,”Storage”,”Apps”.

Click on the storage, in it MNT in it sdcard or phone memory and you can see all your content, now keep the click for 2-3 sec on the file or folder that you want to share and you will see the following menu..

Click on the Direct Push option and your transmission will start, you can see the speed, its awesome.
As you can see there are numerous other option like cut, paste, copy, delete, rename, etc, so you ca even customize your sdcard or phone memory from here.
That’s all. Your work is done.
One more option, cloud backup.
There is one more option namely “Sync auto”, through this option, you can take the backup of your memory on the cloud (Requires Internet)




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