Monday, 4 November 2013

Some useful and must have Android Apps..

Some of the android apps, that every android users must have.
Below I will show you some of them.

Tired carrying the data cable of your mobile at all the places..??
Even need the drivers of the mobiles for many companies..
Here is the simple solution for you, with the help of this small app on your android mobile, you can transfer easily and speedily with any other device. The main advantage of this app is that you don’t need to install any type of software in the other device.
NOTE:- The transfer takes place through WIFI, so Laptop or PC need to have WIFI.

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Fed up of people around you keep watching on your mobile data, on pics, videos, notes, messages..??
You can choose the option of locking the phone, but its too tedious to open the lock, and many times it occours that some comes to know about your password or you have to give password to some peoples.
Here's a simple solution for you people.
You can hide your photos, videos, audios, notes, messages, and even lock apps, and the main advantage is no one even comes to know about it. This app completely disguise its main functionality..

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Having problem of forgetting birthdays or even not knowing birthdays of many people..??
Have to listen to their comments afterwards, then this app can surely help you.....
Here is a simple still quite helpful application for you.
Its name is Happy B'day.
Sync with FB and never forget anyone's birthday..

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Anyone teasing you by keep calling from an unknown number..??
Want to know the name of someone who text you, but cant ask them who they are..??
Tried a lot to get a good app, but failed..??
Then have a look at this app.. : TRUECALLER.
Its one of the awesome app, that tells you the name of the person by entering just a number + It tells the region from which region the call is from.

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format your phone and afraid that you will lose all your apps, messages, bookmarks, call logs, contacts..??
Then dont worry, just use the app "Super Backup". It will make you a backup of all the above problems, and then after restoring/formatting your mobile, you can restore all again to your device.

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Do you have the problem of understanding some words..??
Need to carry dictionary everywhere..??
Looking for some good dictionary..??
Here's a solution. WORDWEB..
The best offline dictionary I have come in google play..

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Bored of the default message of your phone..??
Want some new facility of forming groups and some new themes..??
Want to hide some of the conversation..??
Want to block some messages by number as well as by words..??
Here's a awesome app for you people where you can even make a folders and view message as inbox\sent items way..

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Searching for any good video player..??
Want to see movie with subtitle in android phone..??
Here's a simple solution..
Try the Application MX Player..

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  1. what about watsapp, antivirus, task managers, cache-cookies cleaner..?

  2. The remaining good ones are:
    1) ES Explorer
    2) TubeMate
    3) App Share
    4) Automatic Call Recorder
    5) Alert.Me....

    Later on there can be a rather long list of good antivirus, task managers, cache-cookies cleaner.

  3. Any one can tell the one best useful app according to them, i will upload its full description shortly..