Thursday, 7 November 2013

Best Backup app for Android

format your phone and afraid that you will lose all your apps, messages, bookmarks, call logs, contacts..??
Then dont worry, just use the app "Super Backup". It will make you a backup of all the above problems, and then after restoring/formatting your mobile, you can restore all again to your device.

Open Google play and search for the app called Super Backup. Download it and install it.

Open the app and you will see various options like as follows.

As name suggests, click on the option that you want to backup,
Click on the apps Backup and you can see all the apps installed on your device.
click on the tick mark veside it, and click on the backup that you want to backup and it will be saved in your sd card\phone memory in a folder named "smscontactsbackup" the apps whose backup is being made is being seen in the archived. now if you uninstall the app, and need to install it again, just start this app, go in apps backup -> Archived, find that app and click on install..

Now if you want to backup the messages then go in SMS backup and you can see the following options.

Backup: It will backup all your messages
Backup Conversations: It will backup the selected  conversations.
Restore: To restore the message being backup
Send to email: To send the backup file to mail
Delete backup: To delete the backup

Similiarly you can find the same options in other types of backup..
Backup the required information..

THATS ALL for Super Backup..

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