Thursday, 7 November 2013

Finding Unknown Numbers with one click

Anyone teasing you by keep calling from an unknown number..??
Want to know the name of someone who text you, but cant ask them who they are..??
Tried a lot to get a good app, but failed..??
Then have a look at this app.. : TRUECALLER.
Its one of the awesome app, that tells you the name of the person by entering just a number + It tells the region from which region the call is from.

Open the google play and search for Truecaller, download it and instal the app.

Open the app, and you need to complete 3 steps for registering, 
1st is to enter your country, enter the country name and click on next
2nd is the terms and conditions, click on activate and you will reach the last step.
You need to Enter your mobile number, your first name and last name. This first and last name would be used in case any other sees your number on Truecaller. 

Click on the verify and it will take about a minute to verify its own and you are done.
The first screen you will see will be this.

Enter the number, you want to check and click on the find, it will show you the name. You cn even search by name and address, for which you need to buy credits.
You can see there are 5 options in the bottom line.
1st one is the people: It will show you the names of the people whom you can know, the name will be displayed on the basis of common number of contacts in yours and his contact lists.

2nd one is social: You can connect to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and you can see the status of your friends from this app itself. It will also sync Phone numbers.

Next is search that we saw earlier.
4th one is call filter from which you can block the calls from the unwanted calls.also you can block the top spammers all around, (This includes almost all the service provider promotional numbers)

Last one is "me", you can customize your profile in this option.

It also shows the views, and true score (in every 100 number true caller is able to identify the number equal to true score).
Thats all for Truecaller

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