Friday, 8 November 2013

Best Text Messenger for Android Mobile

Bored of the default message of your phone..??
Want some new facility of forming groups and some new themes..??
Want to hide some of the conversation..??
Want to block some messages by number as well as by words..??
Here's a awesome app for you people where you can even make a folders and view message as inbox\sent items way..

Open the google play and search for the app GO SMS PRO.

Start the app, and see some of the features that is being seen at the first usage, and start the app..
You can see that the message in your default message has already came into it..
The default screen will be..

in the uppermost of this app, on both the side of "messages" You can see 1-1 icon, then icon on the right corner is "New Message", click on it for sending message to new contact, the name of recently contacted person will be shown to select.
The icon on the left corner is of "menu", click on it to see the list..

LOGIN: Go SMS Pro, provides its own free messaging services through internet, login and a account will be formed that can be used with others who have this app installed.
PREMIUM: Its a paid, ad free version.
THEMES: There are various themes you can use. New themes are also added according to the festivals.
PRIVATE BOX: Its one of the best option, click on it, and you will be asked to register a password, once inside it, you can add the contact in it, and then the message from that person can be read only from this private box only. By this you dont have to hide all the messages, and so noone comes to know if you have hide some of conversations.
SMS BLOCKER: Enter the number and the message from those numbers will be blocked and will not be shown in your inbox.. You can also block the message by "words" Meaning that you want that you dont want any message which contains some specific words, so enter those words and the message will be blocked..
FOLDERS: You can make your own folder in this option and can save your favourite messages in it. The other best facility is that you can filter all your messages by this option. Say you want all the messages containing the word "private", click on the FOLDERS->FILTER and then enter the keyword "private" and all the messages containing the word private will be shown in the folder..
BACKUP: Another awesome facility.. You can backup your conversation and can restore it again at any time..
SCHEDULED: If you want to send the message at any particular time, and its not possible by you to do so, here's the best option. Click on SCHEDULED, type the message, add the recipient, set the time, and the message will be sent at that time automatically..

Now swipe your home screen to left side and you can see all of your contacts..

You can directly send message by clicking on this contacts..
Click on the Groups and you will see the following screen.

You can form the different groups as much as you can, and then you can send the message to whole group by the single click.

Now come again to the home screen of this app, and click on the menu button of this app.. you will see the another options like this.

SCREENSHOT: You can take the screen shot by shaking the phone..
NIGHT MODE: Reduces the brightness of the app and changes the white theme by black theme to save your eyes..
Clicking on More you will get some other option in which LOCK is awesome, you can lock this app by numeric or a pattern lock
SETTINGS: It again have several options.. You can customize the whole look of your app..

  • You can change the the type of notification, ie ringing, long vibrate, short vibrate, etc..
  • You can change the font, font colour, font size, etc. according to your liking..
  • You can even keep the facility of "pop up" menu..
  • By this menu, the message will be seen above all the other screen. If you are dong some work on mobile or playing game, and message comes, then no need to close the game, the message popup will come, without disturbing your work and you can even reply from that popup.
  • The awesome facility is that you can even customize all the option for a single person, ie, you can keep different settings, different theme for different people..\
THATS ALL for this awesome app..

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