Monday, 28 April 2014

USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

There's always been problem transferring between Smart Phones and Computers/Laptops..!!

But now this is the solution..

Sony and many other companies has launched the USB Flash Drives Compatible with both Smart Phones and Computers/Laptops..

As the charging pin of all the Smart Phone is similiar, This has became possible..

Smartphone USB transfers files from your Android smartphone or tablet to your computer using its dual micro USB and USB 2.0 connections. No cords or network needed.

  • Backup and transfer photos or video content from your smartphone, tablet to PC.

  • Store your favourite photo/video/music files on the SA1 device and enjoy them on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Smartphone USB makes sharing photos between your smartphone and your friend's smartphone quick and easy.
  • Stylish Design incorporating dual connectors in ultra-compact size suits for using with smartphone/tablet.
  • The cap protects micro USB port with its smart lock function It also supports plugging/unplugging into(/from) PC.

  • Durable metal body and strap hole, good for using on-the-go.
  • Manage (Copy/Delete/Playback/Sort) files from your smartphone, with dedicated application "File Manager", free download from Google Play
  • Easy File Search Able to search photo/video/music files among all the files in internal memory/micro SD card/USM-SA1, or specific search by "Browse folders".
  • Auto Start-Up*Just plug-in SA1 to smartphone/tablet and "File Manager" automatically starts up.*not guaranteed with all the smartphones.
  • Quick UnmountDirectly access to "unmount USB storage" at File manager's pull-down menu, no need to open "Setting" menu.
  • Capacity Size 8/16/32GB

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