Saturday, 10 May 2014

Fun with Print Screen Option..!!

Here’s a small trick to play a prank to you friend and to make them confuse about the problem with their computer or a laptop....

You know the use of Print screen button on the keyboard (PrtSc).

It captures the screen, right ?

But now I will tell you how to use it for some fun.

  • Take screen shot of the desktop by pressing Print Screen on the desktop. 
  • Go to Paint and paste it (Ctrl+v). 
  • Save it (Ctrl+s) 

Now follow the steps to hide Desktop Icons and Auto Hide Taskbar..!!

  • On the desktop right click -----> arrange icons by ----> De-select 'Show Desktop Icons '. 
  • Now right click the taskbar and select properties . 
  • Check auto hide the taskbar. Click OK.

Now change your wallpaper and keep the Screen Shot that you saved earlier.

  • If paint is not closed, select File ---------> 'Set as background (Centered) '. 
  • Else go to the location where you saved the screenshot ------> Right Click on it and select "Set as Desktop Background" 

Now on the desktop even if you click any icon nothing will happen !!!

Now do I need to tell you how you can use it for fun on someone else's PC ?

To revert back to normalcy---->

Change the wallpaper and select 'show desktop icons' on the right click menu and again de-select the option of “Automatically Hide the Task Bar”.

HAVE FUN....!!!!

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