Saturday, 10 May 2014

POWERCMD: Alternative to Command Prompt..

Every body is aware of Command Prompt Box (CMD) in windows. People need to use it frequently for various purposes like executing a program with root excess, to start or stop various functions on their devce and many more..

After so many upgrades of OS, still the default command prompt utility is not much improved but having very basic features. There is no Option of copy/paste in Default Command Prompt. The other main Flaw in the Default Command Prompt is that if you mistakenly close the CMD, all your data is lost and now you have no data of what you typed..!!

If you want a better alternative for default command prompt utility in Windows then PowerCMD is much better option.
You can download it from here.

PowerCMD is a featured rich command prompt alternative for Windows operating system which is available for free. It will change the way you look at the command prompt feature or utility in Windows.

Advance Features of PowerCMD Command Prompt 

  • You can configure command prompt background, font, enable/disable word wrap, transparency, view/hide line numbers
  • You can have multiple CMD screen on the same window (MAX. 4) by splitting it and you can perform different operations on each screen and can even copy the command from one screen to another..

  • While moving between the directories, entering the first word only shows all the folder in that folder and can be reached to destination folder very easily
  • You can copy/paste option (which i think is must required)
  • No loss of work as have auto save logs to save the history in log, so if you accidentaly closed the prompt then too just open the logs and you can view all the commands that you entered previously
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